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Who we are?

A little about us.

A good night's sleep is as necessary to people as breathing. It is imperative to sleep on soft, comfortable sheets. It is also equally necessary to make sure we are mindful of the environment in our quest to find the perfect set of eco-friendly bedsheets. 

We at OzComfort balance both comfort and climate concerns excellently. We provide our customers with heavenly comfortable Tencel Lyocell sheets while vigilant of our effect on the environment. We only provide high-quality products that guarantee our customers comfortable and irritation-free nights. Our sheets are wrinkle-resistant and long-lasting. You couldn't really ask for more. 

Contrary to how other comfortable sheets are made, Tencel Lyocell is a sustainable material. It comes from the cellulose in eucalyptus trees. What makes it environment friendly is the fact that it is manufactured in a "closed-loop process". This means that most of the solvents used in production get reused. The solvent breaks down the pulp, which is then reformed into fibres. These fibres are spun into lyocell nanofibrils, which is what lyocell sheets are made of. 

Lyocell bedsheets are also hypoallergenic and cling-free. It is also 50% more absorbent than cotton. Tencel Lyocell sheets are soft, skin-friendly, eco-friendly, as well superbly comfortable. 

Our Story

Like all people, we needed our rest. Unlike most people, however, we didn't want to settle for tolerable when it came to bed sheets. We thought of sleep as a necessity and superb bed sheets a must. In our insistence for excellence, we ended up with the initial idea for this company. 

Having been sleeping on bed sheets that ranged from the comfortable to the downright unpleasant, our idea was to cultivate a following for longer-lasting and far more superior and comfortable products. We wanted something unique, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and hydrophilic. We wanted our sheets to have all the qualities we looked for in our sheets in the past.

At OzComfort, we wanted to create a sustainable and eco-friendly product that is loyal to the planet and its customers. We wanted to do right by everyone and everything we come in contact with. 

OzComfort bedsheets are designed with the promise of extreme comfort, longevity, and eco-friendliness.

Why Us?

If you invest in our bedsheets, you will have committed yourself to a comfortable night's sleep for a very long time. Our sheets are not something that you'll need to throw away and replace after a couple of months. They are long-lasting and durable while being extremely comfortable. Think of it as an investment.

Cool and absorbent

Tencel Lyocell is a naturally cooling material. It also has a hydrophilic nature that allows it to become absorbent. Our sheets, essentially, wick away moisture, thus keeping you comfortable throughout the night. This feature is especially beneficial for hot sleepers, as it keeps them comfortable throughout the night, avoiding any night sweats. 


Manufacturing lyocell leaves almost no waste. OzComfort's Tencel lyocell is derived from the wood cellulose of eucalyptus trees. These trees are grown on lands unsuitable for cultivation and are not treated with any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, making them 100% pure.


Tencel Lyocell is also hypoallergenic. Its hydrophilic nature makes for an inhospitable climate for bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other indoor allergens. Smooth lyocell fibres have a plush and comfortable feel, making lyocell the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin prone to developing irritation or rashes.


Lyocell is produced with nanotechnology, accounting for the material's supernaturally soft texture. It also makes it wrinkle-resistant. Nanotechnology ensures that all lyocell fibres are long, which is essential for making the final product soft. Therefore, you won't need to iron it after washing.

We are a family owned business based in Sydney, Australia. At OzComfort, we strive to bring the best quality products to you at great competitive prices. We source our products directly from the manufacturers and give you a high quality product with a responsive customer support. When you buy with us, we guarantee a genuine product backed by numerous customer testimonials and a reliable customer support.

We pride ourselves in the products we supply and are more than happy to give you prompt customer support.