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  • What is Tencel Lyocell? What are our Eco-friendly bedsheets made of?

    Tencel Lyocell is a type of fabric produced through environmentally responsible processes. It is made out of sustainably-sourced natural raw mater...
  • How Drinking More Water Can Help With Weight Loss And Overall Better Health?

    Drinking water can have several amazing benefits from aiding weight loss, preventing muscle cramps to keeping you cool and aiding digestion. It is important to ensure the quality of water we drink every day. Want a great water filter that gives you the best quality water to keep you hydrated? Try OzKing Water filters today. 
  • A Water Filter Does More Than Just Filter Out Impurities

    This is a well-established fact that water is essential for our survival. But, depending upon your location, that clear liquid may contain million...
  • What harm do Chlorine and Fluoride in drinking water cause in the long run?

    Chlorine and fluoride are chemicals often used to disinfect water and remove water-borne diseases and parasites. This is not a secret to the public, and many countries around the world include these chemicals in their water supply, but are they safe?

  • Do you need a water filter in Australia?

    Water filters are designed to remove contaminants such as chlorine and bacteria that can make water taste awful. If your water at home tastes weird, it’s probably best to buy a water filter.