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How Drinking More Water Can Help With Weight Loss And Overall Better Health?

The modern slang, "stay hydrated," is used by millennials everywhere. And it is extremely apt, too. There is a reason that water makes up a huge majority of our body weight. Everyone needs water- humans, plants, and animals. It is the elixir and gift of life. No organism on earth can possibly survive without water.

We have all, at some point, been told to drink more water. Be it with our parents or doctors. Ideally, both men and women have two separate adequate daily intakes of fluids. For men, it is 3.7 litres of fluids- or 15.5 cups. For women, this number is 2.7 litres of fluids- or 11.5 cups. And it has a lot of benefits.

How does water help in maintaining better health?

Here’s a list of advantages water offers to you for regulating your health:

1. It regulates the temperature of the body

Every day, your body loses a lot of water because of physical activities that strain the body or the extremely hot weather. This loss of water occurs in the form of sweat.

It is this sweat that keeps your body cool. If you don’t replenish your body of this lost water, it will lead to a rise in body temperature.

When your body is dehydrated, it results in the loss of important nutrients. These are the body's electrolytes and plasma. Therefore, it is important to keep drinking a lot of water when you're dehydrated.

2. It creates saliva

Saliva contains electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes. It breaks down the solid food and keeps your mouth healthy and aids in digestion. Your body generates saliva according to your fluid intake. Thus, there’s no saliva if there is no water.

3. Daily intake of fluids regulates excretion

It is common knowledge that fibre regulates your bowel movements. Often, the contribution of water in this cycle is overlooked. If you don’t consume enough water, you can suffer from constipation.

4. Fights off several illnesses

It is not untrue when they call water 'the elixir of life.' Drinking enough water effectively prevents various health problems and can fight many illnesses. Some of those include- constipation, kidney stones, and exercise-induced asthma. It also helps to prevent hypertension and urinary tract infection. Water also helps you to extract important and essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from your food intake. All this increases your chance of being healthy.

5. Makes you lose weight

Drinking water makes you lose weight. This is because water is an appetite suppressant; drinking lots of it before meals makes you eat less. This reduces the number of calories you consume per meal.

Further, cold water is said to boost your metabolism. The theory is that drinking cold water helps to boost your metabolism. This is because the body has to work harder to warm up the cold water. This helps you burn more calories and in turn, lose more weight. 

Drinking water also helps to prevent muscle cramps. This allows you to work out more efficiently. That, in turn, ensures that you burn more calories.

Finally, without water, the body cannot properly metabolize fat or carbohydrates. Thus, drinking more water helps fasten the process of lipolysis too.

Therefore, it is evident that water is extremely important for bodily functioning. It also makes you healthy. So, make sure you carry your bottle with you always. Keep track of your daily fluid intake and hit your recommended consumption daily.

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