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Do you need a water filter in Australia?

Water is essential for our survival. We use water for drinking, cooking, and various purposes that affect our health and well-being. Because water is a vital resource, the water we consume and use must be safe and free from harmful contaminants. But how do we determine its safety and what should we do if it’s not? 

The Australian government does regulate public water supply, BUT this doesn’t mean that your water is %100 safe from contaminants such as copper, asbestos, cadmium, and more. 

Furthermore, water-borne pathogens that can induce sickness can be greatly prevented with the use of a proper water filtration system. Water filters can remove bacteria and harmful chemicals that can cause diseases to the population. If you’re worried that your drinking water supply is contaminated, it’s probably best to get a water filter. However, before getting a water filter, you must understand why you need one and why it’s a smart decision for many homeowners. 

The quality of water in Australia 

Australia’s urban water system serves more than 20 million people every day. Aussies enjoy safe drinking tap water both for residential and commercial use. 

Just like tap water in countries such as the US, Canada, Western Europe, South Korea, and Japan, tap water is safe to drink in Australia. However, just like other water sources, water from the tap if exposed to harmful bacteria, chemicals, or toxins can prove to be unsafe for drinking. 

Untreated water may pose a risk. The only way to indeed be sure that your drinking water is safe is: to use a water filter.  

Old homes and old pipes 

Australia has a lot of historic old homes, especially around Hamilton, Queensland, and Victoria. When buying these charming antique homes, many homeowners don’t pay attention to the quality of water from these houses that are often running on old pipes and plumbing. 

Did you know that homes that are built before 1980 may have lead solder in their pipe joints? When lead pipes corrode, lead particles can end up in your drinking water which is dangerous for your health. For this reason, it’s essential to consider a water filter or water dispenser that can improve the quality of your drinking water

Experience safe and great tasting water 

Tap water in Australia is treated against contaminants with the use of chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. Minerals such as iron, manganese, and calcium can also be sometimes found in drinking water. These are technically safe for drinking; however, water might taste heavy and metallic. Some of these minerals can also cause clothing stains and discolouration on porcelain dishes. Many homeowners turn to water filters to enjoy clean-tasting water.  

Contaminants not only make water smell bad, but it can also endanger your health, mainly when water contains bacteria that can cause serious illness. Filtering water helps purify it and remove impurities, making it safe to drink. 

Bottled Water   

Bottled water is immensely popular in Australia. A recent survey has found that Australians spend more than $500 million on bottled water each year. This is depressing because most of these water bottle wastes end up polluting the environment, and only 35% is recycled. Most of these plastic bottle waste goes to landfills, oceans, and rivers. 

Plastics like these are killing sea turtles, disrupting ecosystems, and leaking harmful chemicals in our oceans. As a consumer, you can help stop this. By reducing bottled water use and only drinking from tap water or buying a water dispenser for your home, you can also save the environment. 

Chemical risks

Australia is known for its rich rural areas. However, there are reported cases that pesticides and herbicides have sometimes leached into waterways in rural areas. Contaminants like these pose a health risk, especially if the pesticide used is toxic. If exposure occurs daily, this can lead to serious health issues. 

Benefits of Water Filters 

Pure and clean filtered water comes with a myriad of benefits. Here are just some great reasons to start using water filters in your Australian home.  

· Enjoy great-tasting water. Water filters are designed to remove contaminants such as chlorine and bacteria that can make water taste awful. If your water at home tastes weird, it’s probably best to  

· remove lead from water. Lead can cause serious health problems, including congenital disabilities and cancer. If you’re concerned that your water has high lead exposure, use a water filter to remove this substance from your water. 

· Remove harmful bacteria. Bacteria such as giardia and cryptosporidium can sometimes be found in drinking water. These bacteria cause gastrointestinal upset. You can reduce the likelihood of developing this illness by installing a water filter in your home